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Phone: +44 7940 743500
Shamsul Alam Murad
coordinator Cosmic Healers Global

Shamsul Alam was born in Guildford, UK in the early ’70s to a Muslim, Bangladeshi family. He is the second child of Mr. Zamir Uddin (known as Shundor Miha) & Monwara Uddin (Milu). His family comes originally from Moulvibazar, Sylhet. Shamsul Alam has a diversified career with a successful track record in Business, Politics, & Social activities while he studied both in Bangladesh and the UK.
In Bangladesh, Shamsul owned a Jute mill that produced hand-made paper, made of Jute Dust (wastage) and became the highest Taxpayer during FY 2008-09 in Moulvibazar District Circle, Sylhet Zone, Bangladesh. He has also been involved in different types of business in the UK and Bangladesh.
He has been married to Ms SYEDA SHAMSUN BHANU (JENNY). The couple have a son named Maaknun Shahed Alam, an IT consultant, and a daughter named Madiha Ferdousi Alam, studying Biomedical Sciences in Canterbury University.

Recently, Shamsul Alam got involved in politics in the UK with the Conservative party. He has taken part in many meditational seminars, and he is a Silva graduate. He believes in positivity and seeking human well-being through meditation and spirituality. Shamsul is amply grateful to Almighty Allah and all his family members and friends for his entire journey in this cosmic life.