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Tipu Chowdhury
Co-Coordinator Cosmic Healers Global

Nick Name: Tipu Chowdhury (টিপু চৌধুরী

Full Name: Mohammad Saifur   Rahman Chowdhury

Date of Birth: 31 March

BA Honors, MA-Philosophy, Chittagong University, Bangladesh

Executive MBA & Certified Strategic Sustainable Marketing and Organizational Leadership.

Harvard Business School, USA

Dual Citizens: Bangladesh, USA



Job: Research Assistant

Hebrew Senior Aging Research

Harvard Medical School

Boston, USA.

Personal Business:

Business, Global Products Sourcing, Sustainable Marketing Consultant.


Key Words of my World :

Quranic Research and conversation, Reading,

Recitation, Poetry, Writing, Social Work, Islamic and Bangladeshi Civilization & History Research,

Books, Debate, Galaxy, Ocean World, Ancient History, Antiques,

Traveling, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Shopping, HouseKeeping,

Friendship & Bonding, Football,

Crickets,Chess,Rugby,Horse Riding and ডাল,ভর্তা,মাছ,ভাত।

*Strength: Quran, Confidence,

Family, Positivity, Respect, and love.


Mother, Wife, Two Daughters,3 Brothers,3 Sisters, and two pet cats Shadow & Coco.

Residence: Newton, Boston,

Massachusetts, USA

Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Noakhali, Dhaka

FB ID: Tipu Chowdhury

For Information:


Priority  Organizations:

@Member: Quraner Alo

@Member: Official Harvard Business School Online Community Group.

@Member: American Red Cross

@Volunteer: United Nations

@Secretary General: Chittagong University Alumni Association of USA-Massachusetts.

@Member: Global University Climate Forum

@Member: International Society for Environmental Information Sciences

@ Volunteer: UNICEF, USA